GB Pockit Stroller Review- the lifesaver!

I first saw the Pockit stroller in a video on YouTube. It was a video from someone who had attended a baby Expo and was going through all the exhibitors. The video was only short, about a minute long, but that’s all it needed to be to sell me on it; there was a demonstration of how quickly and easily the stroller could be folded and unfolded. The beauty of the Pockit is not in the ease of folding it though. It is in the incredibly small fold; the Pockit boasts the smallest fold in the world.

I must admit at the time I saw the video I didn’t really need a stroller which would fold so small. I was looking for something smaller than our full pram, and while boot space is a valuable commodity, let’s be honest; splashing the cash for something that would get me a little bit more space probably wasn’t at the top of the child-related-items priority list. Didn’t mean I didn’t want it though!

After a bit of research, I found out that the pocket was soon to be available for purchase in the US, and as it so happens the launch month was the same month that my husband was going to be traveling there! Perhaps I could send him off for a baby-related purchase. (You know because the trip wasn’t for work or anything…) I showed him a video of just how cool the stroller was, but I never specifically said “we should totally get one of these”, and the idea fell to the wayside.

Fast forward to almost a year later when we are at our local baby expo, and low and behold one of the exhibitors there was selling them! It was still priced at the pretty $279, but with a two-year-old and a second baby on the way, it was beginning to seem more and more like a worthwhile purchase. After a bit of deliberating, we decided to pick one up. It also came with a packet of newborn nappies, so you know, there’s that!

Less than a month later I was doing my first solo flight interstate with the two-year-old No word of a lie, if I didn’t have the Pockit stroller I don’t think one or both of us would have made it through the journey alive! I didn’t have to worry about borrowing a stroller from the airport or the airline and I didn’t have to worry about checking in any items into oversized luggage. I simply put him in the stroller and walked him around the airport why we were waiting for our flights. My son (among others!) began to become frustrated with the time it was taking to wait to board a flight, and started to become a little bit more challenging to manage. Lucky for me, I had already clicked him in!

When it became time to board he got out of the stroller, and I folded it up. The number of people I had as an audience while I was folding the stroller up was quite extraordinary, but who can blame the stares; a folded up Pockit stroller is quite a sight to behold! Stroller folded, backpack on and toddler in hand we travel across the aerobridge onto the plane and found our seats near the rear. I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going to put the Pockit, figuring it would probably end up going in the overhead locker as it is advertised to be able to fit. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I could fit the pocket underneath the seat in front of me, upright, alongside another one of my son’s travel items! What. A. Winner.

When we got to the other end we simply disembarked, and as soon as we entered the airport it was a simple flick to get the stroller folded back out again, and we were on our way. Well on our way to buy a drink for Mr 2, at least. In any case, the whole experience was the stuff of dreams.

What prompted me to write this post was the fact that even though the pocket has come out and been used on a semi-regular basis, taking both of our sons to a crowded local event was an opportunity for the Pockit to shine. When folded it fits completely into the storage basket underneath the pram our youngest was using; with enough room to fit a backpack of our things in on top! Over the course of the day we took the stroller out and put it back in several times. It certainly saved having to hand to carry a tired three-year-old for hours on end.

Lifesaver: yes. Perfect? Not quite. There are a few things that I wish were a little different, the first thing being the sunshade. Like our son’s Smart Trike, the shades never seem to be big enough, or be able to be positioned strategically enough to actually help shield a child from the sun. For the most part, it just feels like the shade either does the same job of blocking the son that me physically standing behind it would do anyway, or it would only help if the sun was immediately above at midday.

The other thing (and I completely understand why it is the way that it is) is that the stroller doesn’t feel super tight during use. It is just the nature of a highly compact, lightweight stroller. There are certainly strollers that feel much more flimsy out there, but particularly as my son gets older, there have been times when I have been cautious in the way that I maneuver it. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t let me down yet, but I do take a little bit more precautions when traveling on terrain that is a little less even.

In short, while you can pick up a stroller for $20 or $30 and be done with it, I consider the price I paid for the Pockit to have more than paid back its value in both physical and mental savings. I’m more than confident that it will come in handy a number of times yet, and can highly recommend it.


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