Brolly Sheets – linen for toilet training or bedwetting

I came across Brolly Sheets when I was looking at things that would help us through the toilet training process for our eldest son. There made by a New Zealand company, and while they are called Brolly Sheets as a business name, they are actually produce much more than just sheets in terms of waterproof linen.

The first thing we did was pick up a set of single bed pads, and I was lucky enough to purchase at a time when they had a bonus to get a ‘piddle pad’ for the car seat as well. I got one in blue, and one in white, and since we’ve received them they’ve never been off the bed since.

They’re not exactly cheap, coming in at about $45 on average, but since they’re available from plenty of suppliers I’ve always been able to find a sale on. Since ordering those first two single bed sheets and getting the bonus car seat pad, I’ve also gone back to order another single bed sheet to take to nanny’s house for daytime care there, as well as waterproof pillow and quilt protectors.

Choosing the right Brolly Sheets

In terms of the bed sheets, I got the ones with wings. Since our son has always been pretty wriggly in bed, often ending up either curled up in the very top corner of his bed, or laying perfectly sideways on his bed sans quilt, I wanted to make sure that they would stay secure to the bed at night.

The beauty of these waterproof pads lies in the fact that you don’t actually then have to go and change the entire fitted sheet, or possibly fitted sheet and associated waterproof pad underneath, every time the bed gets wet. You simply take off the Brolly Sheet which is just a strip across the bed, replace it with a new one and you’re good to go.

While at this stage we’re still in low absorbency nappies overnight at three years old, it has worked wonders for accidents over daytime sleeps, to the point where I actually am able to ask Mr three-year-old to help with the process by pulling the pad off of his bed and taking it to the laundry.

Washing Brolly Sheets

You don’t have to wash them on their own; I normally chuck the pad and any wet clothing in the washing machine, along with anything else that is a similar colour. Standard cycle, warm wash, the anything you have to worry about is making sure that you don’t use any bleach or fabric softeners. As a bonus they are also safe to tumble dry or warm, which is something I was certainly most pleased about!

In terms of the piddle pad for the car seat, it has a loop which you thread through the bottom buckle of the car seat straps to secure. I just got one in black because it matched the car seat, but they do come in a range of colours too. It’s been in the wash a few times, but to be honest the main reason why it has been in the wash is because it got dirty with some sort of food or…something else! Not because it had been wet.

On the pillow protector:

When I ordered the pillow protectors I got the quilted ones. They were a few extra dollars, but not that much so that it was a deterrent. I was also looking at making sure that I bought something that possibly we could use as parents on our bed too; with all the oils on our faces (and sometimes the drool courtesy of the lack of sleep!) something a little bit nicer for us has certainly been on the cards.

It is a little bit bigger than a standard pillow, so the pillow actually flows quite freely within it, but I have found that some of Mr three-year-old’s linen doesn’t actually fit over the top completely so there is a little bit of bunching on the inside. I’m hoping that after a few washes things will flex a little bit more and I’ll be able to ease out the bunching somewhat. In any case, they don’t sound crinkly like a lot of other waterproof bed linen items can be; there is obviously something slightly thicker underneath. Mr three-year-old hasn’t noticed the difference which is great; he is most certainly at an age where he is pointing out everything that isn’t as it ‘should be’. According to him, of course.

Protecting the quilt / doona

The waterproof quilt protector has been awesome when the bed has been wet during daytime sleeps in particular, the quilt is normally one of the casualties. Like the pillow protectors it doesn’t sound crinkly in a plastic sense to touch, and seemingly doesn’t add that much weight to the quilt either.

The corners are made of mesh, so that when you wash them the water doesn’t get trapped inside and leave your protector unable to dry. One thing I have found though that it is that it adds an extra surface for the cook to slip within; I need to hold the quilt, the quilt protector and the quilt cover corners all in one whenever I resettle the bed, or fold it back for him at night time. There have been a few nights when I’ve been in to say goodnight to him just before I go to bed where things have moved; the quilt has dropped within the cover and he has only had the cover itself over him, letting him get cold. This is something that I’m working on; are there some sort of pins or something that I can use to hold everything together? If you have any suggestions I am more than keen to hear them!

Do I recommend Brolly Sheets for toilet training?

All in all though I can’t recommend Brolly Sheets enough! I have even picked up their Marino Wool Dryer Balls to complement the set. They’ve already saved me so much in drying time for the Brolly Sheets themselves, I’ve actually chucked them into our day-to-day loads where required, so I am looking forward to seeing the savings on my energy bill. You can pick up brolly sheets at their official website, or on Amazon.


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