Twitter. Home of the realities of parenting.

The online world is chock full of all the advice in the world about how you should / shouldn’t be raising your kids, quotes and mantras to help you through your day, and most importantly: parenting fails.

Here’s a selection of our favourites from twitter recently – proof that it doesn’t even take 140 characters to sum up the joy that is parenting!


We’ve all been here. Might as well just stay at home!

Because sometimes money would be better spent on wine. All the wine.

It’s the things we *don’t* say that matter, right?

Like I love you. I really hate you now, but deep down I love you.

We sometimes refer to parenting as ‘hell’…

Surely we can’t mean it!

We’re resourceful. But sometimes, the kids are better at it!

At least they don’t care if they’re playing with rubbish!

The kids take a little while to catch on to the value of cash.

Though their friend at school totally got $10 from the tooth fairy. WHO DOES THAT?!

They can be some of the most entertaining people you’ve met!

Where do they get this stuff from??

Sometimes they have to learn it for themselves.

But we had to do that too…didn’t we?


What parenting realities have you sympathized with, or advice have you received via the realm of social media?



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