Am I pregnant? This is Yahoo Answers’ best!

Am I pregnant? Oh gosh. For those of us who are serial ‘Dr Google’ searchers, particularly while TTC (trying to conceive, for those of you playing at home) any early sign, any set of circumstances or any little inkling we may have COULD mean that we’re pregnant. Or pargant. Or pragnent apparently.

YouTube comic J.T. Sexkik jumps right in to the thick of it, and has cut together a rather amusing compilation of the best “am I pregnant” questions put to Yahoo Answers. By best questions I mean most entertaining; I still haven’t been able to watch it without laughing out loud. With tears.


Do you use any parenting forums and shared any ‘early signs’? No shame, (I have!) but perhaps use the inbuilt spell checker before you hit ‘send’.


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