This illustrator presents parenting truths we all know too well

Betje Funny Parenting Art

Betje (pronounced ‘betcha’) is a Dutch greeting card designer, and a parent. Her Instagram feed is full of family flavored images, many of which point out a few home truths we can all relate to!

She draws about how crazy life as a parent can be, the typical things which every parent has gone through and, thankfully, the heartwarming reminders that being a parent also means embracing unconditional love.

We’ve picked out a few fave images to share below.


We’ll get back there eventually.

Go! Go! Go!


There must be a fix for this.

Is it just me? #cartoon #parenting #toddler #instaart #digitalart #sketchbook

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Sometimes this is the only way to make progress.


Totally been here.


How do they know!?


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That ‘free time’ feeling…


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And a reminder for all of us…

#advantagesofhavingkids #parenting #cartoon #drawing #motherhood #moms #perfect #kids #itsalllove

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You can see more of these fantastic illustrations HERE.


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