Rugrat Parent was born from an Australian mother’s ever increasing awareness that parenting is DEFINITELY not (always) like you see in the movies. It’s not like you read about in magazines. And it’s not like the regular pictures posted by that Facebook friend we all have. You know. The one who posts 60 pictures of their child(ren) per day…yet somehow still manage to attract more likes than the first pic you’ve uploaded in 6 months. (Totally not talking from experience here)

Hi! I’m Carly! I’m a mother to two boys, Brandyn and Jasper, and none of the researching I did could actually prepare me for what it was going to be like to be a parent. Being the eldest on my side of the family, no one had kids recently, and as such I found myself in the deep end in terms of knowing what was to come.

Parenting looks like a mess. It looks chaotic. It looks hilarious. But for the most part, it also looks like love.

This site is a collection of parenting tips, hacks and advice from my experiences, those closest to me, and those from far and wide on the internet who happened to suggest something which actually works! Inspiration comes from my Facebook feed, YouTube’s rising stars, those I follow on Instagram, shares on Reddit’s first page and beyond, Pinterest’s suggestions and frequently enough my phone’s camera roll! You can submit and share your own shining example of parenting with the world too – feel free to do so here – CONTACT ME

I hope that you get a kick out of what you find here on the site, and be reminded that even though you mightn’t have the cleanest house, an empty laundry basket or 100% organic, free range, nutritionally balanced dishes at the table for each meal, you’re a real parent. And you’re doing just fine.

Thank you for visiting!

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